The Maker Movement

Walsh is Bringing the Maker Movement to You.

If you’re a serious hobbyist, you have probably heard about Makerspaces. If you are just starting a hobby or want to learn how to do almost anything, a Makerspace is the place for you. With about 500 in North America alone, these spaces give their members access to not only a wide range of tools and equipment that few hobbyists can afford, but also a place to work and knowledgeable people to help you along if you get stuck.


Makerspace programming includes year-round classes and events.

Classes are open to Walsh residents, local community groups and businesses. All Aledo ISD elementary, middle school and high school campuses have access to the space for teacher/coach approved projects. Local community groups and businesses can also pay a monthly fee to explore their own skills and passions.


Bringing People Together

At Walsh, we know the desire to learn, grow and create is alive and well among people of all ages and backgrounds. A place to explore, create and invent, the Walsh Makerspace embodies the maker movement. A dedicated workshop serving hobbyists and burgeoning entrepreneurs alike, the Makerspace is stocked with a 3D printer, robotics lab, laser cutter, woodworking tools, sewing equipment, and kid-friendly features like invention kits and a giant LEGO wall. An included amenity for all residents, the Makerspace offers classes for every age and skill level, as well as a maker-focused curriculum including guest lectures and demonstrations.

Designed in partnership with leading expert Mark Hatch (author of the best-selling book The Maker Movement Manifesto and co-founder of TechShop); this space provides the tools, resources and collaboration needed for residents and visitors to actually make stuff, and make friends.

"The team at Walsh has truly embraced the spirit of the Makers Movement: giving people the tools and teaching them to build with their own hands."



Residents of the Walsh community have access to the Makerspace as a community amenity.

Non-residents can purchase memberships for $50 per month or $600 per year. Additional members of the same household can be added for $10 per month or $100 per year each. Equipment and material fees may apply.